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Relist on eBay for free
Relist on eBay for free.* Not only is it free* to list on eBay the first time, in many cases if your item doesn’t sell, it’s free to list it a second time.
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It’s FREE* and easy to list.
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How the free relist policy works
Insertion fees are normally paid when listing an item on eBay. However, if your auction-style listing ends without a winning buyer or ends with an unpaid item, you may be eligible to relist on eBay for free. If the item sells the second time, eBay will refund the insertion fee for the relisted item.
This offer applies only to:
  • Items listed in auction-style format.
  • The insertion fee and not fees for options such as Bold, Highlight, etc. After your relisted item is sold, you will be charged the applicable final value fee.
You never have to send a request to receive an insertion fee credit. eBay automatically issues the credit to your account as long as your listing meets the requirements below. Once your item sells, the credit is posted to your account.
You must use the official “relist for free” feature in order to receive the insertion fee credit. Copying and pasting the content of the original listing into a brand-new listing will not enable eBay to track that you are relisting the item and will prevent you from receiving a credit.
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*Optional feature fees and final value fees apply. Excludes some listing styles and categories. See details.