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Price it right
Online pricing affects your listing’s search visibility, whether it sells, and for how much it sells. Learn how to price your items on eBay to maximize sales.
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Purse and jacket for online pricing
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It’s FREE* and easy to list.
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Determine your item’s value
If you’re placing a fixed price listing or hoping to get a specific amount for your item, it’s best to make sure you set a price that’s fair for you and your buyer. To determine fair value for an item, use Advanced Search, and make sure to select "Sold Listings."
You can also search active listings on eBay to determine your online pricing options. It’s a tried-and-true way to find similar items and see how other sellers are pricing their listings.
Price competitively
Most buyers are looking for great selection at a great price. Make sure your online pricing isn't too high. Buyers are often searching for items that have a low combined price and shipping charge. Consider both of these factors carefully. Price your items competitively, and you’ll get the best results.
Make it easy to find
Buyers can search eBay in a variety of ways. The default search method is Best Match. Best Match is determined by combining the listing price and the shipping fee. Balance these factors to increase your listing’s visibility in search. Setting fair online pricing, keeping your seller rating high, and offering a fair price for shipping will get your items seen more often by more people.
Set a reserve price
Some sellers choose to price their items low to increase search visibility and at the same time set a reserve, which guarantees they’ll get fair value for the item they’re selling. It can be a good approach to use for highly sought after or hard-to-find items that will eventually sell to the right buyer. Reserve price is an upgrade for standard auction-style listings only. All associated fees are applied when your listing is placed.
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Make your payday come earlier
There are a few simple things you can do to get paid even more quickly.
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*Optional feature fees and final value fees apply. Excludes some listing styles and categories. See details.
**Excluding Motor Vehicles listings.