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eBay University
eBay University offers classes for everyone, from selling basics to running an eBay store. Find a class nearby taught by an eBay trained Education Specialist.
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It’s FREE* and easy to list.
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There’s a course for everyone
eBay University has courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced sellers. They’re taught locally by eBay-trained Education Specialists, so it’s always convenient to take one nearby. 
The basics of selling on eBay:
  • Open a seller account
  • Do research and create listings
  • Improve your listings with better descriptions and photography
  • Set pricing
  • Open and use a PayPal account
  • Monitor your listings
  • Complete transactions
Building your business on eBay:
  • Start and/or grow an eBay-based business
  • Choose the right listing format
  • Create compelling listings
  • Use eBay listing tools
  • Market your business on eBay
  • Manage your listings
  • Pack and ship inventory
eBay Stores:
  • eBay Stores 101
  • Optimizing your eBay store
  • How to market your eBay store effectively
  • Understanding your business with eBay Stores traffic reporting
eBay University has everything you need to know about these courses, their instructors, and how you can enroll in a class near you.
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Learn from the pros
eBay University offers classes for sellers at every level. Each class is taught by trained Education Specialists.
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Student Success Story
“I’ve gone from a beginner to having two eBay Stores with 100% positive feedback.”
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*Optional feature fees and final value fees apply. Excludes some listing styles and categories. See details.