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Ship from home
eBay makes it easy to ship from home so you can skip the post office.  Request flat rate boxes, print USPS and FedEx labels, and request free carrier pickup.
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eBay Labels
eBay Labels give you the convenience of printing USPS or FedEx labels so you can ship from home. You can print the labels directly from My eBay using your home printer and pay for them easily with PayPal. Both carriers offer discounted postage and package tracking information.  So skip the post office and make shipping easier with eBay labels.
Flat rate boxes
Flat Rate Priority Shipping Boxes from USPS make it simple to ship from home. They’re free and you can even have them delivered to you at no charge. Order them in advance and you can always offer reasonably priced shipping and predictable handling times to your buyers. 
Package pickup from home
You can ship from home by scheduling free USPS pick up.  Your postal carrier can pick it up for free when your mail is delivered.  You can also request that your package be picked up on specific days.
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Save on shipping
Get special eBay discounts from USPS, UPS, and FedEx. 
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