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Tips: tracking
When buyers know when to expect their order, you win.
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Tracking has become a standard that buyers now expect on every order—that's why uploading tracking on 90% or more of your U.S. transactions is a requirement to qualify for eBay Top Rated seller status. By letting buyers know an order is on its way and when it should arrive, you build customer confidence and increase your opportunities for repeat sales, too!
Tracking at-a-glance
To maintain eBay Top Rated seller status, follow these tips for tracking:
-Upload tracking within your stated handling time and validated by carrier.
-Upload tracking on at least 90% of your transactions with U.S. buyers
-Check your Seller Dashboard for your tracking upload status
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Top Rated tracking tips.
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Upload automatically
  • Pay for shipping and print your mailing labels on eBay—tracking information is uploaded automatically!
  • You can also upload order tracking in bulk using Selling Manager, File Exchange, Blackthorne, or the eBay API.
  • Most third-party label printing tools (such as Endicia or can be integrated with eBay to automatically upload your tracking information.
Know the tracking evaluation cycle
Top Rated seller status is evaluated on the 20th of each month. For all criteria except tracking, the evaluation is based on either the previous three months or 12 months of selling, depending on how much you sell. For the new tracking requirement, after September 20, we will look back at the previous three calendar months of transactions to determine your tracking upload rate.
Use Delivery Confirmation for First Class
When you ship by First Class Mail, you pay extra for Delivery Confirmation. Depending on the price of your item, it may make more sense to ship by First Class Parcel which includes free Delivery Confirmation.
Provide tracking for each transaction in a multi-item order
When you combine shipping, upload tracking to each transaction in that order—simply upload the same tracking number for each item. Just be sure to complete your upload within your stated handling time.
Use eBay labels
You can use eBay labels right from My eBay to pay for discounted postage, print shipping labels, and upload tracking—with just a few clicks.
Know the exceptions
The following items are not required to upload tracking to meet the Top Rated seller tracking requirement:
  • Unpaid items and cancelled transactions
  • Transactions marked as offering freight shipping
  • When a buyer selects local pick-up
  • Classified Ads
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Real Estate
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Learn how to upload tracking information
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