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Reach millions of global buyers
eBay makes international selling easy.
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Sell to the world
Open your business to millions of buyers.
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With more than 112 million users in 190 countries, eBay’s online global marketplace offers one of the best ways to grow your business. eBay makes it easy to reach, sell and ship to buyers in other countries. As always, only transactions with US buyers count toward your US seller performance rating.
International selling made easy with the Global Shipping Program
With the Global Shipping Program, your listings are available to buyers in more than 40 countries. You simply ship your sold items to a US shipping center and the Global Shipping Program handles it from there including customs forms, import charges, and international shipping with tracking. You’re not responsible for loss or damage after the item is accepted at the center and you get valuable built-in protections for your feedback and seller ratings.
Ship directly
You can also ship directly using your carrier of choice
  • Specify countries where you are willing to ship from your shipping preferences in My eBay.
  • Use the eBay Shipping Calculator to calculate costs to any country for USPS and UPS shipments.
  • Pay postage and print your international shipping labels using eBay labels—customs forms are automatically filled out and tracking is automatically uploaded and sent to your buyer.
Best practices for international selling
Provide buyers with relevant international product information in your listings. For example, if you’re selling clothing, provide equivalents to international sizes. If you’re selling electronics, specify compatibility with power supplies in other countries.
Clearly state any variations to your return policy. For example, if you don't cover international return postage or have specific warranty limitations, spell it out in your listing and other communications.
Keep your lines of communication open. Update your Find Answer page to anticipate questions from international sellers.
Track your performance. Get insight in your Seller Dashboard into the service you provide to buyers from other countries to help improve your service and boost your international sales. Remember, your US seller performance rating is based only on your transactions with US buyers.
Understand trade restrictions. It may not be legal to list or sell your item in some countries or you may need a special license, especially for foods, weapons and some branded items. Get more information on international shipping restrictions:
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Discover easy international selling
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Extra protections for Russia and Brazil
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