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Get paid faster
While most eBay buyers pay quickly, there are several things you can do to get paid faster. Get paid faster by encouraging your eBay buyers to pay with PayPal.
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Accept PayPal
The majority of eBay buyers around the world prefer to pay with PayPal, and you can get paid faster when you accept it. It’s fully integrated into eBay, comes with handy tools for tracking and shipping your goods, and lets you accept credit cards without opening a merchant account. It’s a fast and safe way to get paid when you sell on eBay.
Establish a track record
New sellers experience short delays in payments. It’s a way to vet newcomers’ legitimacy and keep the marketplace safe. Don’t get frustrated. After 90 days, the completion of 25 transactions, and the sale of $250 worth of goods, you’ll get the same quick payments as an experienced seller.
Use shipping to expedite payments
The faster your buyer gets an item, the faster you get paid. Use these tools to speed up the process of your sale:
  • Use eBay Labels: eBay Labels automatically uploads your item’s tracking information to My eBay and makes up to $15 of your shipping funds available immediately so you don’t have to pay your buyer’s shipping fees in advance.
  • Ship quickly: Specify 1-day handling time for the shortest estimated delivery time, offer an expedited shipping option (1-3 days), and ship within 24 hours of receiving payment.


  • Provide tracking: If your item was shipped with a tracking service, make sure you upload the tracking information. And if it wasn’t, manually mark it as shipped to indicate that it’s on the way.
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Why offer PayPal?
Buyers like it.
Increase your sales by accepting PayPal. Most eBay buyers worldwide prefer to pay with PayPal.
You save time.
PayPal is integrated into eBay with online tools that help track your payments and ship your goods.
You save money.
Accept credit cards without the cost of a merchant account. Payments under $10 get a reduced rate.
It helps protect you.
PayPal Seller Protection covers unauthorized payments, items not received, chargebacks, reversals.
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*Optional feature fees and final value fees apply. Excludes some listing styles and categories. See details.