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Take product photos that sell
Product photos are a vital part of selling on eBay, and help boost your chances of selling. Learn tips taking quality photos that attract buyers.
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It’s FREE* and easy to list.
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photo tips
The dollars are in the details. See more of our top tips for taking great product photos.
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Shoot product photos from various angles
When you shoot your item in detail and from various angles, your buyers will shop with confidence and it will help turn more of your listings into sales. Make sure you include lots of product photos in your listing, and remember—you can include up to 12 photos for FREE.**
Follow photo guidelines
Follow the eBay photo guidelines to ensure that your photos best represent your items, attract interested buyers, and help reduce cases where a dispute needs to be resolved. And that's a good thing for both buyers and sellers on eBay.
Photo quality requirements:
  • Use at least one picture.
  • Photos must be at least 500 pixels on each side. Make them 1,600 pixels on the longest side and shoppers can use the enlarge/zoom feature when they shop.
  • Don’t use photos with borders, text, or added artwork.
  • Use watermarks to indicate ownership or attribution only—not for marketing purposes.
  • Stock photos are allowed as your primary photo only if you’re listing a brand-new, unused item.

Learn more about photo quality requirements

Mobile-ize your photos
With millions of people shopping on eBay mobile, it’s crucial your photos show up correctly on phones and tablets. This means uploading your pictures directly to eBay. While using a third party to host your photos is allowed, the photos may not display correctly on your shoppers’ phones and tablets.
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Five tips to photo success
Use a plain uncluttered backdrop.
Turn off the flash and light evenly.
Put your camera on a steady surface.
Use high-quality setting on your camera.
Shoot your item from various angles.
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*Optional feature fees and final value fees apply. Excludes some listing styles and categories. See details.
**Excluding Motor Vehicles listings.