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Tips and news
Visit the eBay for Business blog: your ongoing resource
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Be an eBay Top Rated Seller!
Your great service can save you 20% on fees and up to 37% on shipping. Discover all the benefits and rewards.
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Offer hassle-free returns
Give your buyers the confidence to shop—and shop more often—with a great return policy. eBay makes it easy.
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We stand by our sellers
In recognition of your great service, we’re here to protect your status and reputation.
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See where you stand
Use your Seller Dashboard to monitor your performance.
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Ship Fast 'N Free
Increase sales—up to 11%*!
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ALWAYS upload tracking! 
Buyers want to know—and you’re protected.
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* Percentage calculated is based on sales of listings that converted to Fast 'N Free. Individual seller results may vary. Percentage increase in sales depend on, among other things, item price, inventory, shipping cost, shipping speed offered and historical performance of seller. Calculation assumes that sellers don't increase the item price while making these changes.