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Top Rated returns
A great return policy pays off in more sales.
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A good return policy is one of your shoppers' most important considerations as they decide where to buy. So be sure to offer returns to attract new business—and repeat customers.
Returns at-a-glance
  • Offering returns is not required to achieve and keep Top Rated Seller status
  • Only listings from Top Rated Sellers offering 14-day—or longer—returns with money-back option, 1-day or shorter handling time and extended holiday returns from November 1st- December 31st  can qualify for final value fee discounts and the highest average boost in Best Match, eBay's default sort order
  • You can set a different return policy for each item
  • As a best practice, offer 30-day returns on as many items as possible

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Top Rated returns tips
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A great return policy can pay for itself!
Online shoppers today look for a good return policy as a condition for buying—but more often than not, they keep their purchases. eBay sellers who've adopted a generous policy report a nice increase in sales—without a significant increase in returns.
Make your return policy clear
If you can, accept returns for any reason. Be sure to set detailed terms, including timeframe, refund method, restocking fees, and whether you or the buyer pays for return shipping. When listing, check "Returns Accepted" and select the time from when a buyer receives the item to when they need to notify you of a return—30 days is ideal. State your return conditions in plain terms—for example, returns accepted only if "unopened," "in original packaging," or "not worn."
Be proactive: Provide complete descriptions and high quality pictures
To avoid returns, make sure your item descriptions are as clear and complete as possible. Include size, measurements, and imperfections such as scratches, stains, chips, missing accessories, or other defects. Take good pictures that show your item at different angles, as well as any features or flaws.
Always use My Messages to communicate with buyers
When you use My Messages, eBay has access to the conversation between buyer and seller. So if an issue comes up, we'll be able to review your communications in order to help resolve it.
Include your return policy in your shipments
It's good business to include a thank-you note with your shipment. It's just as smart to add a copy of your return policy for the item, too. Be clear and specific. For example:
For clothing: Item must be unworn. (Tip: Use a tagging gun and place tags so that the item can't be worn.)
For toys: Item must be unopened and original packing intact. (Tip: Affix a sticker on the package lid or opening.)
It's a best practice not to charge a restocking fee but you can charge up to 15% of the item price—helpful if you sell items that require a lot of handling.
Know the timeline for issuing refunds
Once buyers have received the item (verify with your tracking information) they can initiate a return within the timeframe you've set.
Before issuing a refund, wait until you receive the returned item. You then have up to 5 business days to issue the refund.
Keep your seller profile up to date
It's important to keep your return address up to date, so if a buyer does need to return an item, it will arrive safely. To update your profile, visit My eBay > Account > Click "Addresses" on the left side of the page.
Identify and update your listings in bulk
Check Selling Reminders on the My eBay All Selling page or the new Listing Improvement section of the Selling Manager summary pages to see which of your listings need to be updated to include returns or 1-day or shorter handling. From here, you can quickly edit those listings in bulk.
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For Top Rated and Above Standard Sellers
Managing returns just got easier.
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