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The eBay Money Back Guarantee process gives sellers the opportunity to resolve questions and transaction issues with buyers before they can be escalated to eBay Customer Service for review.
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Here’s how the process works
  • A request is opened in the Resolution Center. 
  • The Resolution Center has all related buyer communications and the tools sellers need to respond.
  • Read our Fall Seller Update to learn about upcoming changes to  the resolution process and  after-sale experience.
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Built-in seller protection throughout the resolution process
  • Protection when shipping within your stated time: if a buyer claims that they did not receive an item, the related eBay Money Back Guarantee case will be found in your favor if you shipped within your stated handling time and provided tracking information (with signature confirmation for transactions of $750 or more) before the case was escalated to eBay.
  • To be protected, the tracking information will need to show proof of delivery from a shipping company that clearly displays the delivery status of the item as “delivered”, the date of delivery (which reflects that you shipped within the stated handling time), and the recipient’s address.
  • Any buyer feedback (positive, neutral, and negative) along with detailed seller ratings (DSRs) will be removed promptly from transactions in which an eBay Money Back Guarantee case is resolved in your favor by eBay.
  • eBay monitors transactions proactively to identify, warn, and restrict buyers who file an unusually high number of cases. You can track the number of times eBay Money Back Guarantee cases have been removed from your account as a result of these actions in your Seller Dashboard.
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Updated eBay Seller Performance Standards are here.
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